Collect data from
any api

We build a modern ELT that leverage artificial intelligence
to simplify data aggregation from any service.

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Extract from any tools...

We leverage artificial intelligence to generate custom connector to any APIs.

Online software - Probably support any tools

Internal APIs - Click and collect data from your own internal tools.

...To your tech stack

We support the most popular destination to run data analysis

CSV / Gsheet - Export data in CSV or copy them directly in Gsheet for your simple analysis.

Postgres - We all love Postgres, so, of course, you can copy your data to it.

Snowflake / BigQuery - Copy to the famous data warehouse for complex data analysis

Explore your data easily

Data is messy ! We know it. Nobody wants to have a table with 100 columns or a database with 100 tables.
So, we work with you to have a clean data structure, with just the right tables.

Support for JSONB - Whatever the API return, we handle it ! We try to avoid creating too much table or having nested data.


We are adding new sources every week, so if you can't find yours, simply ask us !

A fair price

Our goal to make data exploitation accessible.
We chose a low fixed price, that would be both
accessible and transparent.



Daily Refresh
Alert on errors
+ 10$ / 100k api calls



All Basic Benefits
Refresh every 15min
Live support with webhook



All Premium benefits
Self hosted available
Direct Support

As easy as
connect, copy, profit

It is completely free!